R&R Luxury is a family run business, with a vision to share the amazing natural products and allure of Africa with the rest of the world.

Valerie Obaze Started the business in 2010 after having her first child and identifying a gap in the market for natural products that were one of three things

1. Easy to apply

2. available in abundance locally with no chances of running out anytime soon


3. Gentle enough to use on her newborn baby’s skin. After a chance encounter with a massage therapist who used melted shea butter for his treatments, the idea for R&R Luxury (First daughter’s initials)  was born and the rest as they say, is history!

 Several months and hundreds of hours of R&D later, we had our amazing finished product; R&R Shea Luxury Body Oil, a product that was not only kind to the fragile skin of a newborn baby, but also the perfect lubricant for a pregnant tummy and the ideal every day moisturizer for the entire family.

Each fragranced bottle of Shea Luxury body oil is scented with a unique blend of essential oils, meaning that nothing synthetic goes into our bottles, keeping it !00% natural all the way and our “unscented” oil, is for those that like to either keep it simple, or prefer to add their own fragrances.

I hope you enjoy discovering R&R products as much as we have enjoyed making them. As many who already use them will testify, they have never looked back.

 To find out how others use their R&R products please click on the “Testimonials” page above.

The Shea Luxury stable now also includes our range of handmade Shea butter soaps, liquid black soap, scrubs, virgin coconut oil and more, while we are busy working daily to bring you more great skincare to satisfy your skin’s thirst for natural products made with love from Africa.