I use R&R Shea Oil every morning and evening. It feels awesome and makes my skin feel nice and smooth.

Regina, London

I love my R&R Serenity Shea Oil, it’s the perfect way to start and end my day. It’s natural, I LOVE THE SMELL AND LOVE HOW IT MAKES MY skin feel! 

Rima, Accra

My son gets very dry skin due to his allergies so I use my R&R Shea Oil to retain moisture on his skin throughout the day and it has been a lifesaver!

Kemi, Lagos

R&R Works much better on my son Phinn’s skin than the eczema cream my Dr prescribed and at least it is all natural, not a steroid based cream!

Louisa, London

“R&R I can’t thank you enough your oil has been a blessing. For years now, my shoulders always peel when I come back to London from any tropical vacation, but since I started using R&R Shea Oil, it has all stopped. Keep up the good work guys!”.

Fran G, London

R&R is amazinggggggg. I had dry skin for over 15 years until I used the shea oil. It is as close to the raw shea as you can get on any shelf plus the packaging makes it presentable as a gift and easy to travel with. I am a customer for life… 

Nathaniel, Accra

I’m obsesses with the R&R Serenity Shea Oil. It’s a key ingredient in my daily beauty regime. I mix it with my moisturizer and it gives my skin that extra healthy glow during the day. I use it on its own at night after a shower and I also use it on my ‘fro to help seal in moisture.

Tosin, Lagos

The R&R Virgin Coconut oil is absolutely divine! I received mine as part of a valentine’s gift from my hubby. It smells looks and feels exactly like the coconut oil I purchased in Thailand in 2013. It does wonders on dark blemishes and also soothes my son’s eczema.

Joy, Lagos

I Love R&R’s Shea Oil and Coconut Oil. The Shea Oil has all the wonderful benefits of shea butter but is easy to apply because it is an oil. It takes care of “ashiness” and keeps skin supple and healthy. Great for adults and kids. The coconut oil is awesome for natural hair and is particularly beneficial in detangling and hydrating hair..

Foluso, Lagos

I started to use the R&R Shea Oil when it came out and I love it! I use it all over my body and it feels very light on my skin, yet keeps it moisturized at the same time. I have received loads of compliments on my skin and I give all the credit to R&R Shea Oil. The fact that it comes in different fragrances is a plus! Love Love!! 

Abui, Accra

I have been using R&R Shea Butter for several years now and it has worked wonders for my dry skin. Over the years I have found that it works well for my hand and nails as well and I couldn’t be happier! I now use the body oil for my entire body including my ultra-sensitive face and I absolutely love it. It smooths my knees, elbow, and rough heels, softens cuticles, eases skin irritation, good for scarring and a host of other things. My 4-year-old daughter has been using the Shea Oil for about 3 years now and has not had a single rash on her skin. Well done R&R.

Raliat, Lagos

I use the Shea Luxury Body Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, the lavender essential oil and the virgin Coconut Oil. My skin can get very dry/ashy especially on my heels, which can be very unattractive with shoes etc., and the shea Oil is perfect for preventing this. I only have to use it in the morning and I am fine all day. I also use the Shea Oil on my daughter at night and it gives her soft baby skin, she is 4. I mix the unrefined shea butter with black castor oil and use it on my daughter’s natural hair. It’s perfect for growth and shine without clogging up the hair pores.

Molly, Lagos